You have such beautiful eyes!

A radiant look is the ultimate sign of youthfulness. The first signs of aging usually occur in the area around the eyes. Moisture, dark circles, overhanging eyelids, wrinkles and puffiness. Why? Because compared to the rest of our face, the flow of blood and fluid is overloaded in this zone. The result is a reduced flow of essential substances and an accelerated ageing of the eye contour.

A brief outline of the most common problems

It might start out innocently. After a late night out you wake up with puffiness and dark circles under our eyes. An hour of cold compresses and some massaging is sufficient to start the day as if nothing happened. However, the circulation of fluid and blood received a nasty blow and the consequences will eventually be inevitable. A few years later, every reflection looks back at you with sleepy eyes. Accumulation of moisture and fat settles permanently under your eyes.

The muscles around the eyes suffer from malnutrition and overly exerted tension. This eventually leads to the notorious crow’s feet, the wrinkles of expression around the eyes. Time is our greatest enemy, and with the years the fat around the eyes will shrink and the skin will sag. Not a pretty sight, especially when the fat of the eyebrows waste away and the eyes become droopy. The appearance of sunken eyes with overhanging skin is barely tolerated aesthetically. Further it is extremely uncomfortable. The feared appointment with the surgeon is on top of our “to do” list. The good news is that all these flaws are avoidable and can usually be corrected with simple but professional means without reaching for the surgeon’s knife.

Solution? A good circulation is possible for everyone and is the best way to combat sagging skin and wrinkles. A good analysis of the main problems is vital in order to determine the best cure. New high–tech serums are a perfect addition to minor treatments like Botox, laser treatments and peelings, which are so simple that they can be undergone during lunch hour.

Small daily treatments ensure the preservation of a clear, youthful look. Do it to preserve your beautiful eyes! 


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