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“I went shopping with a girlfriend last Saturday. My friend needed to revamp her closet, and I was looking to revamp my skin. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park – my friend is slightly overweight and I have problematic skin.
We walked into a clothing store and the saleswoman was wonderful. She managed to convince my friend to try on several outfits. We ended up buying only one but my girlfriend is thrilled with it! Now it’s my turn.
We walked into the largest cosmetic store in town and a nice woman offered to help me choose a facial cream. I tried to explain my struggles with my skin but she didn’t seem to know what cream would be suitable for my problems.

"I can't try a cream on like my friend could try her outfits on. I long for the day an expert could tell me exactly what to do for my skin. And for that advice to be affordable. Unfortunately, that's not an option yet- just a dream."

The story of Liesbeth and that of many others has encouraged IKARI to offer services in central locations. IKARI services include advice on skin problems, proper instructions of use for creams and various diet & lifestyle tips.

The best skin care tips from the IKARI specialists

The ideal nose slightly curls upwards and forms a95°angle compared to the upper lip. When the angle is too large we speak of a snub nose or turned up nose. When the angle is too small we speak of a hawk nose. When one smiles…
Making a cream is a real art that has to be reproduced all the time. This requires both precision and experience. For several decades, the Swiss have specialized themselves in this discipline and therefore, today they are the world’s top leaders in cosmetic production….
A radiant look is the ultimate sign of youthfulness. The first signs of aging usually occur in the area around the eyes. Moisture, dark circles, overhanging eyelids, wrinkles and puffiness. Why? Because compared to the rest of our face, the flow of blood and…
If you observe child carefully you can reduce the secret of a youthful face to 4 elements: A full face.Over the years we lose volume in the face, which creates a semblance of excess skin. Even the dreaded sagging skin is mainly due to…
Young people have a full face. With age we lose fat in the face. The cheeks become more hollow, we lose fat around the eyes and finally we get a sunken mouth. This gives the false impression of excess skin, which formerly was promptly…
Do you want to look radiant tonight during a party, dinner, outing? Take 15 minutes to give your skin an extra boost! Cleanse your skin, gently exfoliate with the fantastic pure 3 , then apply a thick layer of cure 4 like a mask on your entire face….

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