The secret recipe of a Top cream

Making a cream is a real art that has to be reproduced all the time. This requires both precision and experience. For several decades, the Swiss have specialized themselves in this discipline and therefore, today they are the world’s top leaders in cosmetic production.

Like a chef in a high-class restaurant, the “formulator” of the cream has to choose from a wide variety of quality for each ingredient. The quality is inherent for a top execution.

Also, some active ingredients are only effective when cultivated in a particular manner. Ingredients don’t flourish on their own but in groups, combined with other ingredients. Integrating ingredients can lead to them supporting, neutralizing or even harming each other’s effectiveness. The motion of ingredients should therefore not be considered separately, but rather needs to be taken into consideration respecting the entire context of the formula.

The preparation method determines how the ingredients perform. This can destroy or perfect the cream. Some formulations will release the active ingredient while others hold it in the cream. In a good recipe 5% of fruit acids are more effective than 20% of fruit acids in a bad recipe.

In a nutshell: The list of ingredients on the package does not tell you anything about the effectiveness of the cream. Otherwise everyone who owns a cookbook could be a Michelin star chef!

Customized Creams

Ultimately, your cream must WORK. This is easy to evaluate, after a precise analysis of your skin. After 18 months of research and testing, the modular combinable system of IKARI was born. It ensures a seamless adaptation to your skin type. Your unique customized skincare involves the right module, the correct usage, the order and the frequency of use. IKARI’s computer programs examine your skin code and indicate the appropriate program for you.


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