The secret of a young face

If you observe child carefully you can reduce the secret of a youthful face to 4 elements:

  1. A full face.
    Over the years we lose volume in the face, which creates a semblance of excess skin. Even the dreaded sagging skin is mainly due to volume loss in the superficial layers. The success of “fillers” has therefor by far exceeded that of the “liftings”.
  2. A relaxed face.
    Over the years, our muscles tense and lose the relaxed facial expression, so characteristic for the youth. Due to the overwhelming success of Botox (a muscle relaxant), the brand has become a worldwide common understanding.
  3. An even colour.
    Over the years brown spots and red broken capillaries emerge, especially after intense sun exposure. Makeup can cover this in a jiffy, but lasers do the thorough job which is more durable and makes heavy makeup superfluous.
  4. A smooth skin surface.
    Normal skin doesn’t have a smooth surface, but a fine micro relief, which reflects the light beautifully. Through the years pits and bumps, scratches and grooves emerge, and make the once smooth skin surface rougher. Peelings with acid and recently also with lasers can refine this rough aspect and get the skin nice and smooth again.

Four proceedings: fillers, Botox, lasers and peelings in all their variations are magical hi-tech weapons in the fight against facial aging.



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