Frequently Asked Questions about YourSkinType™ and IKARI cosmetics

Questions about YourSkinType™ skin scan
The classification of skin types dates from the last century and has barely changed since. We still speak of a classification into dry, oily, mixed and sensitive skin, while endless more skin types can be observed. Statistics show that over 80% of the consumers completely misjudges his/her skin type or is referred to the “Promotion of the month” in the store, resulting in a poorly treated skin. The average consumer buys blindly and is therefore still looking for the ideal cream! Only a properly conducted skin measurement by a qualified test centre can provide you with specific advice.
Your Skin Type ™ is unique because it allows you to speak the language of the skin through patented software. It is not enough to measure and collect data, but mainly to understand what your skin tells us with these data. This breakthrough technology was presented at numerous international medical conferences, and provides an accurate measurement in just a few minutes. The sensors see through the makeup and despite changing environmental conditions the readings remain stable thanks to the measurement technology of the “relative” values. The Secret Language of the skin was finally decrypted.

After years of research with a broad team of specialized doctors, skin therapists, pharmacists, laboratories and engineers, the rich experience of our team is gathered in  unique software and related training manual, teaching the therapist to diagnose the skin as you would expect of the best doctors. Call it a GPS navigation for the skin: your skin scan. This program guides you through all the aspects of your skin to finally reach the right scan and the corresponding analyses. The end result of this scan is a unique skin CODE: the Skin Code. The secret language of the skin is converted into a code of 15 digits that reflects your skin type and is immediately linked to your customized solution.

With over 300,000 different types of skin that this skin scanning method is capable to detect, we are far ahead of the 4 types of the last century. Moreover, this system can follow the evolution of your skin over time till you reach a “normal” healthy skin type. This ultimate measurement system also includes a built-in security which ensures that errors in measurement are intercepted with a warning on the screen. This ensures that the YourSkinType™ System always delivers the correct diagnosis.

A skin scan is always performed in a YourSkinType™ certified centre. This gives you the assurance that leading dermatologists are behind the training and qualifications. A list of approved scan centres can be found on our website and the diploma is already built into the software to prevent fraud. Your personal Skin code is delivered to you at the end of each skin scan by email and on a personal identity card.

The YourSkinType™ team has been investing its resources in continuously upgrading and refining the software, and delivers exceptional technical and scientific support by expert dermatologists and engineers. The accompanying extensive course of more than 400 pages will always give you the latest knowledge in the field of skin aging and skin care. This background is necessary for an in depth measurement.

Your Skin Type ™ was born from the creative minds of scientists, embedding the knowledge of the expert dermatologist in a software system with artificial intelligence in order to think like the expert. Originally, it is a measurement system for the detection of skin diseases and tumours. Only at a later stage the system has been released for skin care.

The creators of Your Skin Type ™ work totally independent of the manufacturers of cosmetics and the makers of sensors. Your Skin Type ™ is unbound and therefore gives you honest and objective advice. The system did not originate from a commercial ambition, but as a result of scientific passion of dermatologists and skincare specialists who expressed the need for a better and more precise skin analysis, and thus able to advise you better. It provides a printout of your skin condition in the form of a code that leads you to the right cosmetics, but can also identify which treatments or dietary supplements your therapist should recommend.

Experience shows us that less than 10% of people are really fully satisfied of the results from their skincare products. According to independent dermatological research it might even be that more than 80% of people buy products that actually age the skin! This is not surprising when you realize that most products do not correspond to the needs of your skin. Using YourSkinType™, the selection of products in more than 90% of the cases perfectly matches the needs of your skin. You will quickly see the results. Even your friends and acquaintances will soon notice the difference.
The people behind YourSkinType™ are scientists. So they know better than to make idle promises. Allergies cannot be detected by our analysis. Some people have a rare skin disease. For them there is (almost) no suitable care and they should still consult a dermatologist for treatment. In the future we will, thanks to numerous measurements, introduce niche products to offer the right solution for those people too. The creators of YourSkinType™ have also designed a medical software package to indentify tumors and skin diseases. This scientific medical system is already being installed at clinics and physicians.
Questions about IKARI cosmetics
A cosmetic product is manufactured to be sold freely without any regard to the specific needs of the end user. As such they can never contain ingredients that are specifically intended for you. The same products are delivered daily to all different skin types. Compare this with a medication that is freely delivered to anyone who wishes to use it without a prior diagnosis. Of course you are entitled to have doubts about the specific activity of your cream. Only customized skin care, sold after a skin analysis, can ensure you optimum performance.
Ikari cosmetics are not based on a standard ingredient. Indeed, there are a whole series of different skin types. Therefore, the line is composed of a modular system that is selected according to the specific needs of your skin. Moreover, the directions of use for each product are tailored to your skin type. As unique as your skin type. The ingredients are of premium quality, organic, tested by dermatologists and manufactured with respect for the animals and the environment. Some of our ingredients in a row: plant stem cells, antioxidants, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A – C – E – B – and many others, fruit acids, probiotics, etc. of course the correct selection and dosage is always made according to your skin analysis.

Absolutely! That is a very important thing to know. Many cosmetics, however, were weakened and contain no active substances in high doses, because the free sale to everyone, regardless of his/her skin type, must go on. The skin is an organ that can perfectly be improved with external creams. Think of all the skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne, fungi, ..) which are cured with an ointment. Not to speak about internal conditions that are treated with an external patch or cream (hormones, nicotine, drugs for the heart, …).

It is certainly not true that you must renounce your believe in skin care products. Quite the contrary. Now that you know how to get the appropriate products for your skin type, you may instead fully believe in it!

The skin is an organ like any other. Yet, the purchase of a skincare product comes without thorough knowledge. It is unthinkable for a doctor to treat a body without a prior diagnosis. Cosmetics however are deliberately kept outside the medical legislation in order to ensure a free sale over the counter. This is to the detriment of the consumer for he is depended for his advice on the vagaries of the market (and the boys of the advertising agencies).
Manufacturing cosmetics can be compared with cooking. Good ingredients, knowledge, talent and patience during preparation is worthy of a star. A cream consists of an oil and water mixture in which active ingredients are incorporated. First, the suppliers of the basic ingredients sell ingredients of different qualities at different purchase prices. Highly purified organic ingredients are more expensive. Second, the method of preparation of expensive cosmetics can sometimes differ from the cheaper ones. Better “cooking” procedures account for the smooth texture, the cream will feel better. Finally, the real high-tech lies in the ability of facilitating more active ingredients to penetrate into the skin. The Swiss labs are indisputably the world’s best chefs. Then comes the packaging and advertising around the product. This sometimes consumes up to 80% of the budget. The rest often goes to the distributor and the shop. If these last two costs are limited, a premium cream becomes finally affordable. At last, knowing what the customer needs is essential. Only if a product is adapted to your needs, you will notice the difference between a good and moderate quality. In other words, only if you like the menu you can enjoy a star restaurant.
For this we prefer to summarize the statements of one of these researchers, looking back on his career. Dr. Daniel Maes, senior vice president of Research & Development Estee Lauder WorLdwide in Weekend Knack of 3 June 2009: “It is important to use a product at least two months. Women often change too fast their product. If they are see nothing after a month, they reach for another jar. The market showed a constant hunger for new products. And so were the marketing people became hungry too because they were always looking for new launches and urged him to come quickly and as the first with a piece of news…. The audience is sometimes fooled. “
The skin is not an inert barrier between your inside and your outside. It is rather the opposite. It is our meeting point with the outside world. A baby who is fed but not touched, does not survive. Massage, touch, skin care and self-esteem have shown to benefit our health, to extend our lives and contribute to success in life.
Damage to the skin is damage to an organ. With treatments and a modified lifestyle, the damage is often reversible. The cells renew themselves every day and the next generation of cells under treatment will be in better condition than the former. Some wrinkles may disappear, sun spots disappear and the skin becomes tighter. Of course, over the years time will take its toll. But, with appropriate care, this moment can be delayed with many years.

Delivery shall be made within a maximum of 12 days after receipt of payment, except under special circumstances. The delivery costs shall be notified to you at the time of placing your order. These costs shall be charged in addition to the cost of the products. All products are usually available from stock. It may however happen that a product is temporarily out of stock. In such case, we shall inform you accordingly, and deliver the product as soon as possible thereafter.


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