The natural vitamin C boost

Vitamin C is very beneficial for the skin. Not only does it induce the synthesis of collagen, but the acid of the lemon juice can be used as a natural peeling too.

Unfortunately vitamin C oxidizes within minutes. Cosmetic companies make every effort to stabilize the molecule or to create stable variants. But nothing surpasses the activity of the natural fresh juice containing vitamin C.

The ritual goes like this

Take preferably a lime, but also an ordinary lemon is good as well. Clean your skin thoroughly and scrub lightly with an exfoliating scrub. Take a few drops of fresh lime juice on your fingertips and rub it quickly and gently over the face. Start with the forehead and nose (greasy area’s), then go over to the outside of the cheeks, go then around the mouth and finish with the area around the eyes.

These movements must be performed quickly. When the first stinging sensation is felt, rinse the juice repeatedly with water till the sensation vanishes. Put subsequently a thin layer of a soothing cream.

This peeling may be performed once a week and is particularly suited to treat dull skin, smoker’s skin and skin aging (with or without pigmentation) due to the sun. Pour the rest of the juice (without seeds) in a glass of water and enjoy the ideal vitamin C intake in a drink. Optionally, rasp the peel of the lime and add some honey to it and mix it with the juice to create a drink that boosts your immunity.


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