Scrubbing manual

The importance of scrubbing

Scrubbing, also called exfoliation literally means “removing layers”. The skin cells grow in layers from the depth to the surface, where they eventually die and leave the skin unnoticed as fine flakes. This process of continuous renewal only takes a few weeks, but can significantly slow down with age resulting in accumulation of dead cells ‘sticking’ to the surface. Therefore the skin surface feels rough. Due to limited capacity of those superfluous layers of dead cell to hold water, the skin feels dry and scaly. Exfoliation is the process by which these dead skin cells on the surface are removed. Thus, a signal is sent to the underlying living cell layers to regenerate. The result is a fresher, newer skin, and a brighter complexion due to enhanced light reflection.

Benefits of scrubbing

  • The continuous regeneration of the skin is the best protection against the development of keratosis (precursors of skin tumours) because these degenerate cells do not get an actual chance to root deep into the skin.
  • Exfoliation unclogs pores and refines wide pores. These outlets of the sebaceous glands often become clogged with scales which are also responsible for the outbreak of acne. After 6 to 8 weeks of exfoliation, the pores unclog.
  • Pigmentation spots are often visible by accumulation of pigment in the superficial skin cells. Regular exfoliation prevents this and thus lightens the skin tone. An ideal prevention against pigmented spots!
  • Flakes often nestle in furrows and wrinkles and stimulate their further development. Exfoliating will set the skin renewal in motion, stimulates the formation of more collagen and fights wrinkles.
  • The thinner skin will thicken! Contrary to popular belief, the most sensitive and thinnest skins are best served by exfoliation. At first it seems that the skin is getting thinner, but very quickly will the skin defend itself by thickening of the living cell layers and production of more collagen. This makes the skin, in the long run, thicker, tighter and less sensitive. For this reason we recommend a gentle exfoliation of the thin skin around the eyes.

Directions of use

Always scrub very gently, in the evening and after cleansing with the Pure 1. Start with moistening the skin with lukewarm water. Apply an amount of PURE 3 – the size of an almond – on the face. Moisten the hands and make soft, circular motions during 2 minutes (for sensitive skins 15 seconds will do) with flat fingers, without applying pressure. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water until all the grains are removed. PURE 3 can be used three times a week. It is also recommended to gently scrub the sensitive areas such as the skin around the eyes, neck and cleavage, in order to strengthen these areas. After scrubbing apply the recommended products from the CURE and RENEW line.

N.B. A personal direction of use is only available after a YourSkinType™ skin analysis.


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