Active creams, why don’t we get them?

Can a cream, moisturizer or serum really make me look younger? Can wrinkles diminish by the use of skincare products?


That is a very important thing to know. Many cosmetics, however, were weakened and contain no active substances in high doses, because the free sale to everyone, regardless of his/her skin type, must go on. The skin is an organ that perfectly be improved with external creams. Think of all the skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne, fungi, ..) which are cured with an ointment. Not to speak about internal conditions that are treated with an external patch or cream (hormones, nicotine, drugs for the heart, …).

It is certainly not true that you must renounce your believe in skin care products. Quite the contrary. Now that you know how to get the appropriate products for your skin type, you may instead fully believe in it!


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