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“I went shopping with a girlfriend last Saturday. My friend needed to revamp her closet, and I was looking to revamp my skin. It wasn’t going to be a walk in the park – my friend is slightly overweight and I have problematic skin.
We walked into a clothing store and the saleswoman was wonderful. She managed to convince my friend to try on several outfits. We ended up buying only one but my girlfriend is thrilled with it! Now it’s my turn.
We walked into the largest cosmetic store in town and a nice woman offered to help me choose a facial cream. I tried to explain my struggles with my skin but she didn’t seem to know what cream would be suitable for my problems.

"I can't try a cream on like my friend could try her outfits on. I long for the day an expert could tell me exactly what to do for my skin. And for that advice to be affordable. Unfortunately, that's not an option yet- just a dream."

The story of Liesbeth and that of many others has encouraged IKARI to offer services in central locations. IKARI services include advice on skin problems, proper instructions of use for creams and various diet & lifestyle tips.

The best skin care tips from the IKARI specialists

Far away from the harmful sunrays we can, at ease, treat our pigment spots and couperose. On a pale winter skin the laser has a much better effect and the imperfections can be treated deeper and with more effect. The recovery of our skin…
Start your detoxification now and cure your skin in less than 6 weeks! Do you still believe that greasier creams contain more ingredients and are therefore richer? That these creams will take better care of your skin and will better hydrate it? Do you…
A recent publication in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology shows that the use of  vitamin E in cosmetics significantly reduces the harmful effects and possible irritations of sun exposure. IKARI’s CURE 1 contains, next to vitamin E, high-quality ingredients which soothe the…
The softer the hand the better the results! What is exfoliation? Exfoliation, sometimes called peeling, literally means “removal of layers”. The skin cells grow in layers from the depths to the surface, where they eventually die and leave the skin unnoticed as fine flakes….
The importance of scrubbing Scrubbing, also called exfoliation literally means “removing layers”. The skin cells grow in layers from the depth to the surface, where they eventually die and leave the skin unnoticed as fine flakes. This process of continuous renewal only takes a…

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