Skincare tips for Winter

Far away from the harmful sunrays we can, at ease, treat our pigment spots and couperose. On a pale winter skin the laser has a much better effect and the imperfections can be treated deeper and with more effect. The recovery of our skin during the sun-poor winter is ideal for an optimal result. In about 3 sessions our skin colour is even and our skin tightened again. 

Also treatments with peelings are recommended to do in winter. The old skin layers are replaced by new fresh skin by the time the first sun rays reappear and we will be able to cherish an evenly tanned skin. 

The winter cold makes the lipids in and between our skins cells freeze which makes our skin feel taut en prickly dry. A primarily reflex is to grease our skin with “Vaseline type” greasy creams as the Eskimos do. But if you want to take better care of your skin you should know better. Greasy creams block your pores and, in time, make your skin “addicted” to grease and even cause spots or pimples. 

Those who dare to break this reflex during winter will have a healthy and radiant skin in spring. Soft peelings to remove dead skin cells and several layers of a less greasy cream one after the other until the dryness is disappeared are the best tactics. The skin remains supple and yet the face does not glimmer under the greasy creams. 

Time and patience are the message and the whole long winter gives us both. The classical winter sleep is partly used for very useful winter works. When we listen to the ant in ourselves the winter is a blessing. When spring arises we will sing like crickets to praise our undamaged skin. 


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