Detox tips from Dr. Karavani

Detox Tips from Dr. Karavani

Looking for a few good tips and  tricks for a physical and mental detox treatment? Dr. Ilan Karavani is personally  enormously dedicated to detoxifying and wants to encourage others to a start  detoxing successfully.

A good detox always begins with a  medical examination and an evaluation of the digestion, sleep patterns, heart, lung  and blood pressure.

There are three cornerstones of  physical detoxification: digestion, breathing and heart function and sleep. A useful  tip: eat less and to simply avoid sugars, saturated fats and animal proteins.  Eat more fruits and vegetables!  A proper  adjustment of the diet according to your body type is very important.

Furthermore, lots of sleep is a  must. It is useful to avoiding psychotropic drugs and sleeping pills, which  undermine the natural sleep cycle. Another tip to detoxify physically is to  breathe deeply and slowly to get more oxygen into the bloodstream. Also exercise is a must: this can boost your heart function and blood flow.

The oldest detox might be Ayurvedic  Panchakarma *, applied by the Indians. Thousands of years of experience have  elevated this treatment to a true purification. During this course you will  live five weeks in strict isolation in which massage, dietary changes, colonics  and a special sauna form the basis of Panchakarma. This is of course  accompanied by a personal Ayurvedic diagnosis and a tailored plan.

Detox Juices are intended to relieve  the intestinal function due to their liquid character, in order to recover the  acid balance and particularly in order to administer the appropriate dose of  vitamins and minerals. Good ingredients are green vegetables and fruits,  lemon-and pineapple juice, blue and red fruits… Every intense color has its  useful elements.

Try to get away from the daily  routine in order to relieve the mind. This is possible by silent meditation,  but in the West dynamic meditation is particularly applied. This means that we  perform repetitive movements and so our thoughts will come to rest. Sports such  as running, swimming, spinning, dancing, etc. are excellent repetitive actions  that relieve the mind and detoxify us mentally. But also meeting friends and  exchanging ideas is a good way to detoxify mentally. Painting the town red is  okay to relax, but the alcohol is not really an aid to physical detoxification.

Swimming is the most prominent sport  yogis recommend as an excellent exercise for both the relaxation of the mind as  well as breathing and blood flow. Furthermore, the sun salutation, or surya  namaskar is an excellent and brief exercise.

“(* Ayurveda: Every person is  unique, has its own building and Digestive and should take the foods that are  good for his / her body type. A Hindu Ayurveda health education is recognized  by the World Health Organization.).


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