5 tips to pas the festive season radiantly

Tip 1. Keep your growth hormone levels up and fight the process of ageing.

The body recovers during the night. Each cell receives its nutrients and under the influence of the growth hormone, these building materials are incorporated into the cell. New healthy cells are created through the process of cell division. The disadvantage of sugars that are consumed in the evening give the wrong message to this recovery. The body experiences sugars as an initiative to stop the action and prompt recovery. Insulin is secreted growth hormone and brings it to a stop immediately. Preferably do not eat sugars in the evening. A piece of fish, meat or poultry with some green vegetables is ideal. Albeit with some healthy unsaturated fats. But no carbohydrates and preferably no alcohol (unless one glass of red wine). Do make an exception for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Tip 2. Start yoga and learn the virtues of the sound AUM.

Ancient yogis already knew that the hormones responsible for youth, are produced in the brains. This led to the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brains, just above the palate. Striking out a deep breath and then the sound AUM to speak with the necessary vibration creates a vibration in the brains which triggers the production of hormones. The natural hormones are secreted, and will support the cells in their operation. Do the AUM sound 10 times every morning and feel the created hormonal rejuvenation. Combined with the nose breathing this blows new life in our cells. Or how air can rejuvenate your body!

Tip 3.Beware of too greasy creams!

The cold and dry air of winter freezes the natural oils in our skin. The result is a poor and irritated skin. Not really a pleasant feeling. Everyone has the tendency to protect their skin with a thick layer of fat cream. However, this is particularly dangerous for the sensitive skins: it will clog their pores and develop acne and blackheads. Not a pleasant prospect. Too many women in adulthood suffer from occasional breakouts by the use of fatty creams. Moreover, the skin loses its elasticity under a super protective layer of fat. Thus we create a lazy skin and slow skin rejuvenation.

Tip 4. Discover the LED technology

NASA discovery leads to LED skin rejuvenation. When the scientists of the world’s famous space program NASA (NASA) were looking to grow plants in space using light, they came upon the discovery that a certain kind of LED (High Emissivity Aluminiferous Luminescent Substrate) contains energy equivalent to 12 suns, and this from LED chips that have barely the size of a grain of salt. Soon they saw potential in restoring other living tissues including the skin. Skin rejuvenation with NASA LED technology has become an important topic. The LED technology brings life into the cells by making use of natural light in a certain wavelength and ratio. The cells are programmed to respond, cleaned and the blood circulation is improved significantly. A boost for your skin that also protects preventively against skin aggression.

Tip 5. The lifting tape; instant face lift without cutting.

For the holidays we all do not have time to spare . And yet we must shine on those special evenings. The neck must be tighter, the jaw line straighter. Everyone looks at his or her image in the mirror and pulls the skin with the two index fingers upward and sighs … if only it could be that simple.

Hollywood stars know these feelings all too well. In terms of the instant lift they have discovered the so to speak egg of Columbus. A small adhesive tape just behind the ears, attached to an elastic cord truss immediately to the skin. This tape is thin and translucent, so barely visible. The hair falls on the whole and we are ready for the party. 10 years younger in just a few minutes.

Sagging skin of the face and neck disappear immediately. A fresh and taut face adds to the fun.


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