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Probiotica Spray

The PROBIOTICA SPRAY from IKARI is a versatile spray that provides an optimal protective layer to your skin and contains millions of healthy bacteria.

The spray is made on the basis of natural active ingredients enriched with active probiotics, which restore the skin barrier and natural immunity. The spray fights infections by strengthening the good bacteria. It normalizes the acidity of the skin and also has an anti-inflammatory effect!

Short spraying several times a day, especially after cleansing and absolutely after the last layer of make-up,  will provide your skin with sufficient protective bacteria that keep your skin in top condition for a whole day. If you have skin irritations and feel the need to spray more often, you can! You may inhale the spray, and it may also get into the eyes; its natural substances make it absolutely harmless internally.

The many benefits and indications of use of IKARI’s probiotic spray:

  • Improvement and maintenance of healthy microflora;
  • Reduces the risk of infections; 
  • Combats acne and is suitable for oilier skins; 
  • Soothes irritations, itching, redness, also pleasant after a sun bath; 
  • Cares for dry and flaky skin; 
  • Gives feet and hands that suffer from excessive sweating an extra fresh feeling and helps fight harmful bacteria that cause odor;
  • A fresh boost in traffic jams; 
  • Fixing spray after make-up and an ideal complement to mineral powders!

Tip: Ideal as a fixing spray after make-up, refreshment during the day, and very important to apply after removing your make-up. Certain make-up removers are indeed very aggressive to the skin barrier (IKARI’s Pure 1-2-3-4 are not aggressive by the way).

Tip: Shake briefly before use. Spray sparingly at a distance of about 20 cm. Personal instructions for use after skin analysis. The IKARI team is ready to assist you with personal advice. You can always have your skin analysis and a tailor-made step-by-step skin regimen. We advise you to use the spray daily, both in the morning and in the evening.

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200 ml


Aqua, Nitrogen, Bacillus Ferment, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Parfum

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  1. Michele Durant (verified owner)

    A great remedy that is like an “ambulance” for the skin in extreme conditions. When sprayed on my face for the first time, my sensitive skin breathed and blossomed like a flower. A dose of fresh drops every morning helps to wake up completely, even the eyes open wider, there is a feeling that I breathe with my skin. I also use probiotica spray in the evenings after the face is cleansed. Facial skin, eyes can regain balance after a long and stressful day.

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